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Episode 111 - Interview w/ Immigration Attorney & Podcaster David Wilks

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Episode 110 - Brief Agency Updates & Legal History Related To U.S. Immigration & Race w/ John Khosravi, Esq.

Travel Ban, TPS, Asylum, & Racist Natz Cases of 1922


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Brief Overview of the new Changes to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Regulations 

w/ Belma Demirovic Chinchoy, Esq.

Immigration News & Events

DOJ sends out VDARE anti-Semitic rant to immigration judges

Texas Driller Sues U.S. to Get Visa for In-House Big-Game Hunter

Crackdown on Law Enforcement Certifying U-Visas

Crime Victim Can’t Work While Awaiting Decision on Visa

Donald Trump says he plans to end 'ridiculous' birthright citizenship with an executive order

ZUNIGA V. BARR (2019) 9th Cir.: "Non- citizens subject to expedited removal under 8 U.S.C. § 1228  have a statutory right to counsel in reasonable fear proceedings before immigration judges, and that the immigration judge deprived Zuniga of his right to counsel by failing to obtain a knowing and voluntary waiver of that right."

Immigrant Investors Bilked in $110 Million Fraud Tied to EB-5 Visas

French National E-Visa to be limited to 15 months

Trump aides pushed for states' ability to block migrant kids from enrolling in public schools: report

Trump administration halts visas for same-sex partners of diplomats, UN employees

USCIS Issues Guidance on Discretionary Employment Authorization for Parolees

Feds hit back for Fake F-1 Schools

Human Smugglers Hit Financially

2 New EOIR Policy Memos Released:

Policy for Status Dockets

Ex Parte Communications

United States and Canada Implement Preclearance Agreement

USCIS September Filing Charts

U.S. customs computer outage resolved, computers 'back up and running

9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Says Detained Minors Must Get Food, Soap and Water

Panel Rules for Visa Lottery Winners Fighting Travel Ban

USCIS Updates Form I-485, and Supplements A and  J

USCIS: Updated Guidance for Adjudication of Cuban Adjustment Act Cases 

The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

State Department Hiring Freeze Had Broad, Significant Impacts, OIG Found

Passport Processing at State Slows as Staffing Levels Fall

Border Patrol Agent Who Hit Migrant With Truck Pleads Guilty

Justice Department Seeks To Punish National Association of Immigration Judges 

White House Looking at Job Protections for Exchange Visitors

Chuck Park: I'm resigning from the Foreign Service. I refuse to be a part of Trump’s ‘Complacent State’ anymore

ICE Arrests Hundreds in Mississippi Raids Targeting Immigrant Workers

State Department worker had secret other life as white nationalist Right Stuff leader, civil rights group says

New Executive Order Blocking Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Entry of Certain Venezuelans

DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status for Syria

[Public Charge] Visa denials to poor Mexicans skyrocket under Trump’s State Department

Executives of Staffing Companies Charged with Visa Fraud

ESTA UPDATE Brits could be turned away at US border if they don’t check their ESTA application now to make sure it’s gone through

Emails show Stephen Miller pressed hard to limit green cards...based on the Public Charge rule

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Episode 109 - Interview w/ Non-profit Immigration Attorney Alisa Daubenspeck


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Episode 108 - Mid-Week Business Immigration EB-5 Update w/ Belma Demirovich Chinchoy, Esq.



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Episode 107 - Interview w/ Immigration Attorney, Author & Professor Ira J. Kurzban

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