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Episode 77 - Interview with Business Immigration Attorney Lorenz Wolffers. Discussing Current Immigration Trends and Practice. Email: (LinkedIn)

Ref: Episode 24: Book Review of "John Lennon vs. The USA" by Leon Wildes

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Immigrations News

Chinese Investors Dealt Blow in Bid to Alleviate Visa Backlogs (counting family as part of annual caps)

Japan enacts controversial law to accept foreign workers

Judge Rules Colorado Sheriffs Have No Legal Authority to Hold Prisoners for ICE

U.S. appeals court won't immediately allow Trump asylum ban

Chinese Investors Dealt Blow in Bid to Alleviate Visa Backlogs

Ninth Circuit Says Government Must Bear the Burden of Determining Citizenship

U.K. Suspends Visa Program for Super Rich in Crime Crackdown

Court cites free speech in striking down part of federal law over statements on illegal immigration

Florida man says ICE requested he be held for deportation to Jamaica

Man who helped U.S. soldiers smuggle immigrants through Texas border sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison

How 3 Actors Overcame Trump’s Travel Ban to Take the New York Stage

63% of Non-Citizen Households Use Welfare, Justifying Public Charge Concerns (Center for Immigration Studies)

Immigrants Are Entitled to Jury Trial for Deportable Offenses, New York Court Rules

USCIS Changes Advance Parole Policy for Immigrants

Separated by travel ban, Iranian families reunite at border library

DHS Proposes Merit-Based Rule for More Effective and Efficient H-1B Visa Program

Scholars Warn of Chinese Influence Operations in U.S. - Recommend Visa Changes

U.S. Jury Clears Tata Consultancy of Anti-American Bias Claims

Baltimore sues Trump, Pompeo over FAM change re public charge

New York Immigration Lawyer Found Guilty of Large-Scale Asylum Fraud

Tear gas was also used under Obama's administration

"I resigned from the Department of Justice because of Trump’s campaign against immigration judges"

Slim Immigration Enforcement Resources Leave Employers Hanging

Yuma Sector Agents Assaulted by Claimed Caravan Member

Google finally cleans up its Esta ads after eight years

Contradicting Trump, Incoming Mexico Gov't Denies Making Deal To Host Asylum Seekers

Oregon man pleads to trying to bribe ICE agent, deport wife

Lawsuit: Guam H-2Bs

Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border

Australia flags removing citizenship from home-grown radicals

Hillary Clinton: Europe Needs Tougher Immigration Laws To Stave Off Nationalism

Troops get new authority to use force to protect border patrol

Canadian cannabis investor gets lifetime U.S. entry ban as conference goers face scrutiny at border

Queens Immigration attorney found guilty of operating asylum fraud scheme

U.S. District Court Orders Release of Iraqi Detainees

Indian IT Worker Can Stay in U.S. While Visa Denial Appealed

Judge Blocks Trumps Asylum Ban

Top of the Ninth: Isomer Explanations for Lorenzo v. Sessions, 902 F.3d 930 (9th Cir. 2018)

US Customs stops traffic into country at key border point of entry

Immigration Application Denial Rates Jump 37% Under Trump

Judge Nixes Military Roadblocks for Immigrants

CoreCivic, aka CCA, Sued in New Mexico for Exploiting People Held during Immigration Proceedings

DREAMer: ICE Used an Elaborate Ruse to Arrest Me

Japan Expanding Immigration Laws

ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People

Des Moines woman wonders if Hispanic name led to Social Security loss

The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

ICE deportations in 2018 hit record high, report shows

Trump signs immigration order on asylum

U.S. appeals court rules against Trump on DACA immigration program

Immigration Court Backlog Surpasses One Million Cases

EB-5 immigrant petitions are at lowest levels in at least five years

Immigration to the U.S. reached a record high in 2016, tying 1999 for highest influx in history 

Exclusive: Trump targeting birthright citizenship with executive order

Trump Says U.S. Will Build "Tent Cities" for Asylum Seekers

Graham to introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship

Wait times for citizenship applications stretch to 2 years

Defense Secretary Approves Sending More Troops to Mexican Border

ICE Misled a Judge to Keep Iraqi Immigrants in Detention, New Documents Show

Haverford College sues Trump admin. over crackdown on lapsed student visas

Sector voices concern over "nightmare" SEVIS change announcement

DHS Releases Extensive Fall Regulatory Agenda

Persian-language TV personality gets prison for bribing citizenship agents

Paperless Intake Is Immigration Agency Director’s Top Priority

New H-1B Lawsuit: USCIS Lacks Authority To Limit Visa Duration

Louisiana isn’t letting immigrants get married

U.S. Border Agency Says Hundreds of Employees Have Been Arrested Over 2 Years

How Immigration Got It Wrong For Individual Athletes

Federal judge temporarily blocks Trump administration from ending TPS

U.S. Withdraws From 1955 Treaty Normalizing Relations With Iran

Immigration judges’ union calls for immigration court independent from Justice Department

Trump administration seeks to limit access to U.S. for immigrants who use or are likely to use public assistance 

(Link to Text of Proposed Rule)

Federal Agents Board Buses 100 Miles From Border To Ask, Are You A U.S. Citizen?

Exclusive: internal documents show how hard it is for some immigrants to get a travel ban waiver

ICE is giving undocumented immigrants ‘dummy’ court dates

Immigrant Rights Groups Sue U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Over the Backlog of Citizenship Applications

Bank of America freezes account after asking proof of residency

Visa Applicants Being Asked if Americans Can Do Their Jobs

Homeland Security: More than 600,000 foreigners overstayed U.S. visas in 2017

In Philly immigration court, a judge is replaced after delaying man's deportation

Agency Updates

Report: Pentagon will send green-card recruits to boot camp, halting a Trump policy from last year

Reminder: Filing Location Change for Form I-751

Attorney General Refers Matter of Castilla-Perez to himself

USCIS Policy Alert: Marriage and Living in Marital Union Requirements for Naturalization

USCIS Policy Update: Special Naturalization Provisions for Children

Attorney General Refers Matter of L-E-A- to himself

USCIS Offices Closed Wednesday

New Policy Memo on L-1 3-year requirement

EOIR Notice to Adjudicate Asylum in 180 days

Visa Bulletin For December 2018

DHS and DOL Propose Modernizing Recruitment Requirements for H-2B Employers to Protect U.S. Workers

USCIS Issuing Biometric Appointment Notices for Domestic N-565 and N-600 Applicants

Final Policy Memorandum: Guidance on Determining Suitability of Prospective Adoptive Parents for Intercountry Adoption

New USCIS Procedural Guidance Memorandum (EO Asylum)

USCIS to Continue Implementing New Policy Memorandum on Notices to Appear

Tentative Nonconfirmations on E-Verify Are Not Grounds for Firing a Worker

USCIS and CBP Extend Form I-129 Pilot Program for Canadian L-1 Nonimmigrants

Fee Payment Changes at Two USCIS Los Angeles Field Offices

H-1B I-129 Workload Transfer Update

USCIS EB-5 Debt Policy Manual Update

USCIS to Expand Information Services Modernization Program to Key Locations

Practice Alert: NBC acknowledged that a system error appears to have resulted in I-797 approval notices not being mailed to the attorney of record in specific adjustment of status applications

USCIS Form I-290B Update Notice

USCIS Policy Manual Update on G-325A

USCIS I-693 Policy Manual Update

November 2018 Visa Bulletin

USCIS Adjustment of Status Filing Dates for October 2018

USCIS to Begin Implementing New Policy Memorandum on Notices to Appear

USCIS Now Accepting Copies of Negative O Visa Consultations Directly from Labor Unions

BIA Holds that Permanent Bar Does Not Apply to Unlawful Presence Accrued Before IIRIRA

Texas judge says he'll likely kill DACA -- but not yet

Practice Alert: USCIS Provides Email Address to Report Receipt Numbers Not Recognized in “My Case Status”

Sessions on Good-Cause Standard for Continuances: Matter of L-A-B-R-, 27 I&N Dec. 405 (A.G. 2018)

USCIS Issues Revised Final Guidance on Unlawful Presence for Students and Exchange Visitors

Judge Rules USCIS Must Adjudicate Employment Authorization for Asylum Seekers Within 30-Days

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